How to improve First Call Resolution in the call center

hints and tips



  1. Answer your emails as quickly as possible. Do not delay for 24 hrs.
  2. Build better links with marketing
  3. Technology / Speech analytic / Process Improvement
  4. Listen to your customers.
  5. Ask your agents. They know what is wrong and why
  6. Set up a customer champion team or SME team or SOD (Supervisors on Duty) Team
  7. Improve product / process knowledge. Conduct refresher trainings. Conduct MCQ tests on computer.
  8. Improve processes
  9. Turn agents into customer advocates. It means empower your agents to do the right things for customers.
  10. Design incentives for FCR
  11. Reward those who do maximum number of FCRs in a month.
  12. Educate staff on the importance and impact of first call resolution
  13. Provide agents with the training and resources to effectively resolve contacts
  14. Ensure that there are no conflicting performance objectives hindering first call resolution achievement
  15. Optimize the workforce management processes
  16. Have patience. Please note that to do first time right, we do many times wrong.

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